The purpose of your dating site contact us page is really one of your most important. If the content is not geared towards explaining how someone is supposed to communicate with you through a dating site, then it should not be there. Be certain to offer them the opportunity to choose the way that they first contact you. Don’t try to force them to use the chat system or the forum system if they’re not comfortable using those features. If they don’t feel at ease doing so, they’re not going to want to use them and you could lose a potential customer.

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In addition to having a good clear-cut support area for your cta, your bottom line also needs to be highly visible. The bottom line should be the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at your site. Having an attractive and eye-catching bottomline encourages visitors to read more of the copy and take advantage of the other features of your site. The bottomline is your chance to show visitors that you really do care about how you support your live chat program.