How does Doublelist work?

The dating business is very popular online. More than that, it’s perhaps one of the most popular areas on the Internet as a whole. This situation naturally gave birth to multiple hookup and escort services over the years.

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Some are rather more professional, where you call one of the professional escort providers to see what they have to offer in an intimate sense. Some are more about building a relationship. And although many of these websites have various criteria and service sub-types, most simply concentrate on one sort.

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Doublelist allows you to reach out to users both for the purposes of dating and buying escort. That’s probably why this name came to be, also.

What are escort services?

There are many escort services, and brings something unique and fresh to the table. Generally, though, there are some similarities across these services. They include:

  1. Location-based search
  2. Extensive sorting features
  3. Service promotion through advertising posts

You basically search for ads that people left about their services. The details and parameters listed there can be picked on the sorting stage by the client user to narrow down the search and find the ads with these details on them. In other words, you get to choose what sort of provider and job you’ll receive.

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Most escort services are designed as classified ad services. What this means is that services are divided into categories and sections based on what the job (or whatever other stuff the author of an ad post implies) will do for you. The sections in this context could be: escort, dating, casual sex, massage and more.

Because Doublelist very much fits this description, it can be freely classified as an escort service, even though there are also other activities that can get offered on the platform. The structure, logic and design are all taken from the classified escort services. Furthermore, most users come here for the escorts anyway.

How does Doublelist work?

In its core, Doublelist works similarly to all the usual classified ad services, such as Craigslist, Bedpage, Listcrawler and others. The only difference is that all ads on this website are related in one way or another to social search. On many of the other websites, you can even try to buy a car.

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You’d still need to go through sections, though. On Doublelist in particular, there are several stages you’ll have to go through to finally get a list of ads that match your preferences.

Searching on Doublelist 

To access a list of posts that will be relevant to your needs, here’s what you’ll have to go through:

  1. Specifying your location down to a city;
  2. Specifying a sort of activity you want;
  3. Specifying the minor details

Location can be changed to anything available in the catalogue, but you are obviously advised to pick your own city. If you don’t feel like you’ll find a proper service there, you can’t really pick a state or any of the higher units. That being said, the location catalogue is divided into states for your convenience. 

It doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll be able extend the search distance to an entirety of Alaska, for instance. 

As for selecting the sort of activity you want, that includes two broad categories, such as basically ‘personals’ and ‘dating’. The first is more professional, and you are generally expected to pay for whatever you receive from the personals. Dating is supposed to be free in the usual sense, however sometimes you meet strange ads.

For instance, people would post ads that are clearly proposing pure or borderline escort service. The ‘personals’ part is clearly favored by most users, to the extent that the content supposed to stay in its respective category leaks to the other part of the website that is expected to be milder and meant for longer-term relationships.

Minor details

Specifying minor parameters also includes several steps.

For one, each broad category is the list of services/activity. When you’ve settled upon the location, you’ll have to pick one of the types from these two lists. They are pretty extensive, but the distinctions aren’t as much what the activity is going to entail as who the activity is from and who it is for.

You can pick gay, lesbian, classic or even interesting combinations, such as ‘straight for gay’. It’s pretty much the same for both ‘personals’ and ‘dating’, although dating is noticeably smaller and doesn’t have as many options. Regardless, you’ll have to pick one. 

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The smaller details meant to express your preferences better can be selected further on, but you’ll also have to go through the posts and judge what the services include based on the headlines and descriptions. Even if you select an option such as ‘casual sex’, it can mean different things for different people.

Essentially, with Doublelist you’ll be able narrow down the search enough to find a good number of posts that fit your preferences more-or-less well.

Blocking and flagging

Doublelist is widely known for cracking down on users who don’t seem to follow the guidelines. Although sometimes an ad can be flagged for seemingly no reason, it’s usually caused by one of several things:

  1. Section mismatching
  2. Extremely explicit content (especially in conjunction with the issue #1)
  3. Not enough details to give any worthwhile information
  4. Suspected scamming

Generally, you need to make sure the contents of your ad fit the purposes of the section. If, for instance, you chose to post an ad with excessive nudity in it inside a dating section, you may have problems. It also applies to languages used in the wrong location or if you posted in a gay section as a woman, for instance.

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They’ll also block your ad if it’s almost empty and doesn’t give client users much to think about. In such instances, it’s simply clogging the catalogue. On the other side of the coin, if the contents of an app are explicitly full of manipulative or money-begging rhetoric, it’ll also probably get flagged.

If you’ve ever been on a crowded listing website, you’ll know that it’s more than fair. Most similar websites don’t care to block users or flag ads even if they are evident scammers. 

Now, Doublelist staff doesn’t block ads instantly. However, they will get to it if it’s too suspicious or especially if people report the post if they see something out-of-line.

Creating ads as a provider 

In order to sell your services or other get contacted by people who happen to stumble upon Doublelist, you’ll need to create an ad.

The ads on these services are very much like the profiles on the dating apps. In fact, the only difference is that these ads are usually not named after their creators (and that the service is mostly move to the forefront of the post, but that’s subjective). But in many ways, these ads are similar to the profile pages on Tinder.

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Creating Ads

To create such an ad, the first thing you’ll need to do is create an account with Doublelist. You won’t have to submit any crucial information about yourself – just a few personal details, as well as your phone number and e-mail address. They may also be used to let client users know how to contact you.

After that, you can start drafting your fist ad.

Creation process

In order to create an ad, you’d naturally have to fill out some details used to sort the ad posts initially – such as location, activity type and sub-type. But you can obviously mention many more things, and some of them are mandatory. For instance, your phone number and/or e-mail address will have to be left inside a post.

This will enable users to contact you just by going through an ad. Because all unregistered people can go through the search process and view posts, you’d better get yourself a special work phone. If there are too many calls, you can just disable it for the time being.

The additional details also include several crucial points – headline and description are among them.

It is, after all, an ad listing service, and all the posts are presented as ads. You can generally put anything you want there, but it’s better if these parts are kept informative. The headline should be concise but indicative of what you are offering. It’s also valid to just put your name on an ad.

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In Procces Of Creation Ads

The description is where all the proper information is. You can’t rely on sorting options to relay all the information about you in full, of course. That’s why the description is there. It’ll allow you to generalized information so that people would digest what your service is all about and get intrigued enough to call you.

On another note, there are also some additional features that allow you to tell a bit more about yourself. It includes the age (well, it’s mandatory to show) and some photos. You can generally put a bunch of photos here, but there’s no minimum.

What exactly you are allowed to show is regulated, but don’t let it depress you. You can just go through the several existing posts and see where the line is usually drawn. But other than that, go crazy.


Availability is a very relevant topic for these services. Many of them allow people from all over the world to list their services. However, Doublelist isn’t as overextended.

Although it’s typically possible to register from a European country and create ads for your region, most of the users and servers are in America. What it means is that your location will be represented (most likely), but not a lot of people will be able to see it as easily.

The biggest reason is that they simply won’t think someone from abroad will try to post on Doublelist – after all, it’s a staunchly American service. The other reason is that the catalogue of location is filled to the brim with the US states and cities, which is supposed to give you an idea.

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In fact, for some users it’s quite impossible to get registered simply because the service favors American phone number as well as a limited list of foreign variants. People from nations such as Belgium, for instance, won’t be able to go through unless they have an American phone number.

So, it’s basically just an American service. About 98% of the people here are American, and you can’t often get here because of technical problems if you are not American. This doesn’t just extend to the phone numbers and other data issues.

It seems that some countries are simply banned from admitting their residents here. They are pretty paranoid and sometimes don’t let you even if you use VPN, for instance. It’s all for a good cause, don’t worry.

There are generally fewer scammers and fakes on Doublelist, which is a good bargain for some hassle on the entry.

In conclusion

From the technical side of things, you an extensive enough search system and a lot of people all over the United States to fit you requirements. Now, it doesn’t have extremely deep settings, including eye color, height and other nonsense – but you’ll likely not need it anyway.

Doublelist is a fairly strict escort service, which stands in the stark contrast to many other similar services that will allow anyone in and won’t even ask them to authorize first. As a consequence, you are way safer here than on many other similar services, such as MegaPersonals, for instance.

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From the variety point of view, you can either try and reach out for escort providers or find a date here. Both are valid and legitimate, although people most come here for escorts. They know they likely won’t get scammed, because the staff is very adamant that ads be regulated at least to an adequate degree.

Besides that, there are really no game-breaking innovations. The increased safety and a good number of tried and tested features is already a good deal, and if you agree – then welcome aboard.